The catalogue is one of the narrative and epistemological structures that has had the greatest impact on the construction and modelling of artistic knowledge, and on the creation of its narratives and discourse (by legitimizing or delegitimizing them). In fact, the construction of art history is based on a process of categorizing cultural products, and on a dynamics involving inclusions and exclusions, the formation of hierarchies and silences, of which the catalogue is a fundamental instrument. Therefore, unveiling the mechanisms underlying the processes of producing catalogues as generators and mediators of knowledge, materialized in diverse narratives and discourses; and, investigating the model of knowledge involved in them is of vital importance to be able to understand, on the one hand, the reason why we know (and hence study) artistic facts in a particular way and, on the other, how the complex and variable epistemological and discursive framework of Art History has been constructed throughout the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries.

    Under the title Reloading Catalogs: New Perspectives on Critical and Computational Approaches to Art Catalogs, the purpose of this international forum is to explore the conditions, genealogies and histories underlying the production of catalogs up to now, in order to be able to open a discussion about the new directions that research on catalogs and cataloguing practices will take –or should take- in years to come. The forum will have a dual approach: critical, dealing with issues related to classification systems as colonial epistemologies, catalogs as power structures and legitimizing discourses, genealogies of catalogs, alternative catalogs, etc.; and techno-digital, more oriented to computational problems, databases, digital editions, or new forms of computational classification with Artificial Intelligence.

Structure of the Forum

    The forum will be structured around two sections:

  • September 18-19

    Sessions will follow a traditional format with presentations, discussions and round tables.

  • September 20

    The workshop Digital Catalogs. Toward Interoperability, under the coordination of Nuria Rodríguez-Ortega and Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel, will take place. This workshop continues the discussion initiated in Paris at École normale supérieure inFebruary 2019. The white paper about catalogues’ databases interoperability coming up from that meeting will be presented and discussed.

  • Call For Pappers

    In order to expand the scope of the forum, we are pleased to announce a CFP: scholars interested in participating with a contribution in any of the session (or both), are welcomed, and pleased to send a text of maximum 300-words, along with a short bio-bibliography (100 words) to Deadline; September 5th, 2019.

Topics covered

    We particularly, but certainly not exclusively, welcome papers, either in Spanish or in English, on the following topics:

  • Genealogies of art catalogs.

  • Inventories, lists, catalogs and other writing techniques to record cultural artifacts

  • Art catalogs as cultural and epistemic artifacts.

  • Catalogs and visual epistemologies.

  • Colonialism practices and classification systems.

  • Catalogs as regimes of inclusion and exclusion.

  • Accumulation technologies and cataloguing practices: Point of frictions.

  • History and evolution of art catalogs.

  • Art catalogs, cataloguing practices and Artificial Intelligence.

  • Art catalogs databases.

  • Art catalogs: formalization, data models and ontologies.

  • Art catalogs: data analysis and visualization strategies.


    These are the professionals who will visit us:

  • Geoffrey Bowker (UC Irvine) (Opening Lecture)

  • Anne Helmreich (Getty Research Institute)

  • Elizabeth Honig (UC Berkeley)

  • Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (Université de Genève, Swizzerland)

  • Reyes Carrasco Garrido (Head of Collections. Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte of Spain)

  • Christian Huemer (Head, Belvedere Research Center, Vienna)

  • María Poveda Villalón (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

  • Félix Díaz Moreno (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)

  • Antonio Cruces Rodríguez (Universidad de Málaga)

  • Nuria Rodríguez Ortega (Universidad de Málaga)

  • José Pino Díaz (Universidad de Málaga)

  • Teresa Sauret Guerrero (Universidad de Málaga)

  • Rosario Peiró (Chief Curator of Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía)

  • Eugenio Carmona Mato (Universidad de Málaga)

  • Sarah Turner (Paul Mellon Centre, London)

  • Maximilian Kaiser (Austrian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Modern and Contemporary Historical Research)

  • Antoinette Friedenthal (Independent scholar, Potsdam)

  • María LLuisa Bellido Gant (Universidad de Granada)

  • Maribel Hidalgo Urbaneja (University of Glasgow)

  • Leticia Crespillo Marí (Universidad de Málaga)

  • María Ortiz Tello (Universidad de Málaga)

  • Iván de la Torre Amerigui (Universidad de Málaga)

  • Salvador Haro (Universidad de Málaga)

  • Carlos Miranda Mas (Universidad de Málaga)


    Miércoles 18 de septiembre, 2019 / Wednesday 18 September, 2019

    Sesión de mañana / Morning session

    9.45 -10.15 h. Inauguración del Simposio / Official Opening

    10.15-11.15 h. Conferencia inaugural / Opening Lecture. Geoffrey Bowker (UC Irvine) Clasificación y poder/ Classification and Power

    11.15-11.45 h. Pausa / Break

    SECCIÓN / SESSION I. Catálogos: epistemologías, discursos, historia / Catalogs: epistemologies, discourses, history

    11.45-12.15 h. Teresa Sauret (Universidad de Málaga) Catálogos de exposiciones temporales. Origen y funciones / Temporary Exhibition Catalogs. Origin and Functions

    12.15-12.45 h. Félix Díaz Moreno (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) Los catálogos de subastas y sus relaciones jurídicas / Auction Catalogs and their Legal Relations

    12.45-13:15 h. Antoinette Friedenthal (Independent Scholar, Potsdam) Una colección europea de grabados en 1719: el catálogo razonado como provinciade una Historia de los Medios / A European Print Collection in 1719: The Catalogue Raisonné as a Province of Media History

    Sesión de tarde / Afternoon session

    16.00-16.30 h. Iván de la Torre (Universidad de Málaga) Nuevos modelos de catalogación para el arte de un nuevo siglo: de Taschen y Phaidon a Exit y los proyectos editoriales en Andalucía / New Cataloging Models for a New Century Art: From Taschen and Phaidon to Exit, and the Publishing Projects in Andalusia

    16.30-17.00 h. María Ortiz Tello (Universidad de Málaga) Emergencia y desarrollo de los catálogos expositivos en torno a Picasso: materialización de la excelencia del artista / Birth and Development of Exhibition Catalogs about Picasso: Materialization of The Artist Excellence

    17.00-17.30 h. Eugenio Carmona (Universidad de Málaga) Paradigma, contraparadigma y narrativa icónico-verbal en los catálogos de Alfred Barr sobre Picasso/Paradigm, Counter-paradigm and Iconic-Verbal Narrative in Alfred Barr's Catalogs about Picasso

    17.30- 18.00 h. Pausa / Break

    18.00-18.30 h. Carlos Miranda Mas (Universidad de Málaga) Ni catálogo, ni libro de artista, ni archivo… Nuevos relatos de procesos artísticos. El caso de "Teignmouth Electron" de Tacita Dean / No catalog, no artist book, no archive ... New Stories of Artistic Processes. The Case of "Teignmouth Electron" by Tacita Dean

    18.30-19.00 h. Salvador Haro (Universidad de Málaga) Los anticatálogos de Marcel Broodthaers / Marcel Broodthaers' Anti-catalogs

    19.00-19.30 h. Leticia Crespillo Marí (Universidad de Málaga) Diseño de un prototipo de registro en Realidad Virtual para la visualización y experimentación del fenómeno estético en Instalaciones y Environments de luz contemporáneos: problemáticas catalográficas de obras intangibles / Design of a Virtual Reality registration prototype for the visualization and experimentation of the aesthetic phenomenon in contemporary Light Installations and Environments: problems of intangible Works

    Jueves 19 de septiembre, 2019 / Thursday 19 September, 2019

    Sesión de mañana / Morning session

    SECCIÓN / SESSION II. Paradigmas computacionales y catálogos: metodologías, retos y oportunidades/Computational paradigms and catalogs: methodologies, challenges, opportunities

    9.45 -10.15 h. Christian Huemer (Belvedere Research Centre, Vienna) La procedencia de los "provenances": catálogos de subasta y documentación sobre la historia de los regímenes de la propiedad /The Provenance of Provenances: Auction Catalogs and the Documentation of Ownership History

    10.15-10.45 h. Anne Helmreich (Getty Research Institute) )¿Repensando los catálogos - antiguos y nuevos- en la era digital? /Rethinking Catalogues --old and new-- in the Digital Age"?

    10.45-11.15 h. Elizabeth Honig (Universidad de Maryland) Acceso abierto para la investigación académica: de Wikimedia a OpenArt /Opening Access to Scholarship: from Wikimedia to OpenArt

    11.15-11.45 h. Pausa / Break

    11.45-12.15 h. Sarah Turner (Paul Mellon Centre, Londres) Historia de exposiciones, futuros digitales: catalogando 250 años de las exposiciones de verano de la Royal Academy, 1769-2018 / Exhibition Histories, Digital Futures: cataloguing 250 years of the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition, 1769-2018

    12.15-12.45 h. Mª. Luisa Bellido Gant (Universidad de Granada, Ana Fernández Moreno (Universidad de Málaga) y David Ruiz Torres (Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo (UFES), Brasil) Atlas de catálogos artísticos digitalizados por las colecciones eclesiales / Atlas of artistic catalogs digitized by ecclesial collections

    12.45-13.15 h. Marta Suárez-Infiesta y Luis Martínez Uribe (Fundación Juan March) Redefiniendo catálogos desde 2006: El caso de la Fundación Juan March (1973-2019) / Reloading Catalogues since 2006: The Fundación Juan March Case (1973-2019)

    Sesión de tarde / Afternoon Session

    16.00-16.30 h. Maximilian Kaiser (Austrian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Modern and Contemporary Historical Research) Biografías de Artista como clave en la Investigación del Catálogo de Exposiciones: Introducción a un Nuevo Enfoque Digital basado en Datos Biográficos a través de APIS / Artists' Biographies as the Key to Exhibition Catalogue Research: Introduction to a New Digital Approach Based on Biographical Data from APIS

    16.30-17.00 h. Antonio Cruces Rodríguez y Nuria Rodríguez Ortega (Universidad de Málaga) El Sistema Expofinder-Pathfinder: Repositorio de Datos y Sistema de Conocimiento para el Análisis de Exposiciones y Catálogos Artísticos /The Expofinder-Pathfinder System:. Data Repository and Kwoledge System for the Analysis of Art Exhibitions and Catalogs

    17.00-17.30 h. José Pino Díaz (Universidad de Málaga) Aproximación epistemológica al sistema expositivo mediante la técnica de mapeo VOS, aplicación a los catálogos de exposiciones de la BNE publicados en Málaga y Valencia / Epistemological Approach to the Exhibition System Through The VOS Mapping Technique, Application to the BNE Exhibition Catalogs Published in Malaga and Valencia

    17:30-18:00 h. Pausa / Break

    18.00-18.30 h. Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (Universidad de Ginebra) Los catálogos de exposición y el estudio de las transmisiones visuales. Un enfoque digital / Exhibition Catalogues and the Study of Visual Contagions. A Digital Approach

    18.30-19.00 h. Reyes Carrasco (Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte of Spain) La Catalogación de Bienes Culturales como Praxis Museológica: La Experiencia de la Subdirección General de Museos Estatales/ Cataloging of Cultural Heritage as Museological Praxis: The Subdirectorate-General for State Museums' Experience

    19.00-19.30 h. Rosario Peiró (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía) Experiencia, actualidad y futuro de Repensar Guernica. Archivo digital sobre la historia del cuadro/ Experience, present and future of Repensar Guernica. Guernica's History Digital Archive

    19.30-20,00 h. Maribel Hidalgo Urbaneja (University of Glasgow) Los catálogos de Museo como narrativas: Un análisis crítico de los catálogos en línea desde un enfoque textual / Museum catalogues as narratives: A critical analysis of online catalogues from a textual approach

    Viernes 20 de septiembre, 2019 / Friday 20 September, 2019

    SECCIÓN / SESSION III. WORKSHOP. Catálogos digitales. Hacia la interoperabilidad / Digital Catalogs. Toward Interoperability

    10.00-10:30 h. Introducción / Introduction: Nuria Rodríguez Ortega and Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel

    10.30-11.00 h. María Poveda (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) Oportunidades de la web semántica: una visión general / Semantic web opportunities: Overview

    11.00-11.30 h. Pausa / Break

    11.30-14.00 h. Debate / Discussion

    14.00-15.00 h. Comida / Lunch

    15.00-17.30 h. Debate / Discussion

    17.30-18.00 h. Clausura/Wrap-up and closing


  • Scientific Direction:

    Nuria Rodríguez-Ortega

  • Academic secretary:

    Leticia Crespillo Marí

  • Technical secretary:

    María Ortiz Tello y Bárbara Romero Ferrón


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